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The environmental impact of urban land use and transportation strategies in the City of Toronto

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:50 authored by Faisal Mahmood Siddiqui
The objective of researchers, planners and engineers is to present to society a viable infrastructure that is sustainable as well as environmentally friendly. Since the growing population, as well as the socio-economic growth of an urban landscape, creates greater and greater travel demands, the effects that these increases cause on our environment and social fabric can not be underestimated. It may appear impossible to devise a plan that will provide a sustainable system, but the crux of the matter is to recognize the importance of this vision as a process. Today, thousands of researchers worldwide are working to develop solid plans and a timeline to implement the many good ideas that have been brought forward. The development of urban land increases demand for an extensive transportation infrastructure. The impact of land use on transportation, and vice-versa, eventually boils down to its impact on our environment. This project elaborates the inter-connected relationship of urban land use with transportation infrastructure and identifies the regions in the City of Toronto where land-use activities are not compatible with the transportation system. The analysis of this research is based on data from the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS). This paper not only elaborates on these issues but also addresses the requisite improvements that could significantly enhance the quality of the environment for us all in a broader vision of a more sustainable society.





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