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The edge is the context: transmigrative betweenness

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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:49 authored by Negar Birjandi
Port cities are particularly important because they are affected by mutations and fluctuations of industrial evolution. These ports encounter other sequential and recreational functions that miss opportunities for identity and particular waterfront characteristics. A city’s waterfront could be envisioned as a thick line, an equipped and inhabitable limen, creating a sense of belonging that could lead to significant identity by corresponding to both internal qualities of a city and external regional influences. These marginal bands can reveal the dynamic in-between-ness of being in the middle. It is an appropriate time to assess redevelopment projects on waterfront sites and shorelines to evaluate ways to recreate the image of the city, appeal to an urban population and recapture economic investment. Waterfront projects embody potential that speaks to our future and our past. In fact, a waterfront is a hybrid-scape that deals with the gap between city and water to provide alternatives for future usage.





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Ryerson University

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