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The Use Of Wollastonite To Enhance Fresh And Mechanical Properties Of Concrete

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posted on 2022-09-22, 20:56 authored by Hyder. Jahim
Wollastonite is a natural material that consists of calcium silica oxides. This research program focused on evaluating the feasibility of using wollastonite in concrete or mortar. The experimental program for this study is designed to investigate the strength conribution for mortar cubes with wollastonite at 5 and 10% replacement of sand or Porland Cement (PC). The compressive strength has shown remarkable improvment in all ages compared with control mix when there was 5% sand replacement. The study also tested the compresiive strenght for concrete with the same levelsof wolllastonite as in mortar. The compressive strength fo cyclinders having 5% and 10% wollastonite powder as cement replacement was not improved compared with the control mix. Furthermore, the study tested the possibility of using wollastonite as mineral filler in Self Consolidation Concrete (SCC). Mixture of SCC were designed with the levels 0, 8, 10% of wollastonite powder. The fresh properties were evaluated using the slump flow.





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