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The Pyramid – Resonator of waves

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posted on 2021-05-23, 16:33 authored by Junaid Aziz
The Great Pyramid of Giza has fascinated us all as it encodes enormous amount of numerical coincidences such as dimensional precision, movement of our planet, speed of light, the golden ratio of Pi & Phi, etc.Studies have reasoned that the great pyramid of Giza has expressed the key ratio of an AC voltage sine wave as well as the ratios of Fibonacci number in developing the pyramidal design. Therefore in this study, the pyramid structure is considered as a resonator of waves where reflection of waves is an obvious phenomenon. The waves entering the pyramidal resonator will be reflected inward as they reflect from a curved surface according to the law of reflection. Since, a reflecting wave involves the energy-transport process, it determines our main objective to review and internalize the energy caused by reflection of the waves which occurs inside the pyramidal resonator. It is assumed that there is a strength point of such energy due to a higher volume of reflected waves to a single point. According to the law of reflection, when reflection occurs through a curved surface, it focuses incoming parallel waves to a convergence spot. This project is subjected to study the pyramid as a resonator of waves and aims to detect, observationally, the strength point of energy assumed to be caused by maximum number of reflected waves.





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