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The Mediating Role Of Motivations For Sex In The Relationship Between Childhood Sexual Abuse And Sexual Health Outcomes Among Homeless Youth In Canada

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posted on 2021-05-22, 13:25 authored by Danielle R. Schwartz
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA), which is disproportionately common among homeless youth, is associated with adverse sexual health outcomes. However, there is a lack of data as to how CSA is related to adverse sexual health outcomes among homeless youth. The current study examined motivations for sex as mediators in the relationships between CSA and 1)sexual risk behaviours and 2)sexual functioning among homeless youth. 179 youth (ages 16-21) completed measures examining CSA, motivations for sex, and sexual health outcomes. CSA was associated with earlier age of first intercourse among females and involvement in sex trading among males. CSA was also associated with motivations to have sex for partner approval and coping. Sex for partner approval mediated the relationship between CSA and age of first intercourse among females. This study highlights the importance of targeting motivations in the reduction of adverse sexual health outcomes among homeless youth in Canada.





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