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The A.I. storyteller: Perpetuating orality using developments in machine learning

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:46 authored by Soo Anne Mahabir Mahabir
Oral histories are a part of all cultures and societies, however, our knowledge and interest in these practices has waned, and arguably with it, a sense of social identity and belonging in many contemporary communities and cultures. This paper pulls from aspects of experiential and theatrical design, generative art philosophy, physical computing, and machine learning in artificial intelligence research combined with a theoretical foundation of Adorno, Benjamin, and Ong to discuss and propose the creation of an embodied and immersive story experience. This project will overturn key aspects of traditional orality to encourage interactivity with, and ownership of, the stories and will prompt discussion about its use as an archival process that will promote perpetuation rather than preservation, moving beyond the current processes of audio and video recordings.





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Ryerson University

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