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Testing a model of psychosocial outcomes among adults living with mental illness accessing community-based services

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posted on 2022-10-05, 17:32 authored by Christina Mutschler
Psychosocial rehabilitation is an approach to recovery from mental illness that promotes skill development, self-determination, and social interaction. One specific type of psychosocial rehabilitation is the clubhouse model. Progress Place, an accredited clubhouse located in Toronto, Ontario recently developed a realist theory that identifies mechanisms of change that lead to recovery outcomes for members. The purpose of the present study was to measure mechanisms and outcomes quantitatively in order to validate the theory of change for the clubhouse model. A total of 168 members completed a self-report questionnaire measuring mechanism and outcome variables, as well as the effects of length and frequency of involvement. The data was analyzed using a hierarchical regression framework as well as mediation models. Results found a significant relationship between the mechanism and outcome variables. The results provide evidence that there are many mechanisms involved in recovery from severe mental illness.





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