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Tenants rights and high-rise retrofits: policy considerations for Toronto

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posted on 2023-09-18, 20:01 authored by Emma Pearce

This paper examines the existing policies that support the completion of energy efficient retrofits (EERs) in multi-unit high-rise residential buildings in Toronto, Ontario. The completion of EERs in high-rise buildings is important for supporting the City’s objectives with respect to climate,

housing, poverty reduction and resilience. However, despite the interrelation of EERs with the advancement of social policy objectives, tenant support and engagement throughout the EER process is inadequate in existing EER policy. This paper asserts the importance of tenant-focused EERs to the realization of anticipated energy performance post-retrofit to mitigating gentrification effects produced by EERs. Incorporating case studies of EER projects in other jurisdictions, as well as best practices developed by tenant advocacy groups and research organizations, this paper provides recommendations for policy and practice that support tenant-focused EERs in Toronto.

Key words:

Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting, Multi-Unit Residential, Urban Planning Policy, Tenant Rights, Environmental Justice





  • Master of Planning


  • Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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Pamela Robinson