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Telling the story of the Christian life: the use of the Narrative in the Sermons of John Wesley and Granger Community Church

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posted on 2022-11-09, 21:18 authored by Andrea Brown
The case study examines the creative use of narrative in sermons within the United Methodist Church in light of the rapid decline in Christian church attendance. Using narrative theory, the study reviews sermons of John Wesley and the pastors of Granger Community Church for use of narrative patterns, mimesis and diegesis. This study shows both groups used narrative extensively but for different purposes. John Wesley employs narrative to shed light on the biblical text and to encourage his congregants adherence to the principles outline in the Bible. The pastors of Granger Community Church use narrative to create interest in the sermon's message and to establish a personal connection with congregants. Despite their different techniques, both John Wesley and Granger Community Church showcase innovation with their use of narrative in sermons.





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