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Synthetic aperture imaging in acoustic microscopy

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:26 authored by Golafsoun Ameri
Acoustic microscopy (AM) provides micro-meter resolution using a highly focused single-element transducer. A drawback in AM is a relatively small depth of field, resulting in poor resolution outside the focus. Synthetic aperature focusing technique (SAFT) can be used to improve the image resolution throughout the field of view. SAFT mathematically synthesizes the effect of an array transducer and produces dynamic focusing and depth-independent resolution. SAFT in time domain with and without apodization, TD-SAFT and ATD-SAFT, respectively, and in frequency domain (FD-SAFT) were implemented and tested using simulated and experimental radio-frequency data from an acoustic microscope at 400 MHz. Lateral resolution of all the SAFT reconstructed images were better than those of the conventional B-mode images. While TD-SAFT and FD-SAFT permformed better than ATD-SAFT in improving the lateral resolution, ATD-SAFT provided lower side lobes. In conclusion, SAFT improves resolution in AM outside the focal region.





Master of Science


Biomedical Physics

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Ryerson University

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Joseph Carl Kumaradas Victor X. D. Yang