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Synthesis of Metal-Coordinating Arenediynes And Study Of Their Reactivity in Bergman Cyclization

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posted on 2021-05-24, 06:41 authored by Salma. Al-Karmi
The Bergman cycloaromatization (BC) in which a cis-alkene-1,2-diyne (enediyne) cyclizes to form a p-benzyne diradical, typically is a very endothermic reaction, requiring a substantial amount of energy (i.e. high temperature) for it to proceed. This reaction received very little attention until a decade after its discovery, when the natural enediynes were isolated and shown to be the most active antitumor agents every discovered. Having BC at the heart of their mode of action, these natural enediynes have been very challenging to mimic from synthetic standpoints. Of particular interest is to be able to design and synthesize an enediyne that is stable at room temperature, while also being capable of being triggered to undergo BC under ambient conditions. Although a relatively new concept, metal-induced BC reactions have generally been known to decrease the demanding energy barrier. The work presented here describes several synthetic strategies towards arenediyne crown eithers and the synthesis of several arenediyne hydrazone/Schiff base ligands with extended n-systems. These synthesized enediynes are useful ligands, capable of metal-cordination and hence potentially decreasing the BC energy barrier. BC reactions of enediyne intermediates are also reported.





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Molecular Science

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Ryerson University

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Russell Viirre Darrick Heyd Stephen Wylie

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