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Structural performance of link slabs subjected to monotonic and fatigue loading incorporating engineered cementitious composites

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:25 authored by Shirin Ghatreh Samani
This research presents the results of experimental investigation conducted on 1/4th scale link slabs subjected to monotonic and fatigue loading incorporating different ECC mixtures and self-consolidating concrete (SCC). The structural performance for the link slabs are evaluated based on the load-deformation/moment-rotation responses, strain developments, cracking patterns, ductility index and energy absorption capacity. Test results of a 1/6th scale full bridge with ECC link slab tested under monotonic loading up to service stage is also described. The experimental link slab moment resistance and its length are compared with those obtained from theoretical and design specifications. The ECC link slabs demonstrated superior performance exhibiting high residual strength and energy absorbing capacity and prolonged life (associated with enduring large number of fatigue cycles) compared to their SCC even though subjected to higher fatigue stress levels. This research confirmed the viability of ECC link slab to construct joint-free bridges satisfying serviceability and design specifications.





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Ryerson University

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