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Statistical Evaluation of the Europe Bridge Between Kehl and Strasbourg According to the “Guideline for the Recalculation of Existing Road Bridges” with Specific Mathematical and Structural Examination of the Cracks in the Superstructure

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posted on 2023-04-18, 16:21 authored by Leonhard Oechsle
This master´s project re-evaluates the Europe Bridge after 60 years of service. The framework for the calculations is provided by the “Guideline for the Recalculation of Existing Road Bridges”. With the help of a computer model, generated by the program SOFiSTiK, and the prescribed loads of the guideline, the required checks in the ULS were performed at the main load bearing system. As the results indicate a high exceedance of the capacity, different alternatives were evaluated to restore the structural safety.

A specific focus was laid on the assessment of the cracks in a connection of the lateral load bearing system. Initially, a literature research on the crack formation in the superstructure of steel bridges was conducted. The gathered information points towards category three fatigue cracks that were caused by poor fatigue design and a discrepancy between static modelling and execution on site. These conclusions were confirmed by the fatigue checks of the affected connections. However, an analysis of the crack detail with a FE-model of the lateral system shows that the crack has no significant impact on the load bearing behaviour of other components.





  • Master of Engineering


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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis Project

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Jinyuan Liu