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Spring wind will bring life again

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posted on 2021-06-08, 08:03 authored by Amelia Bryne Potter
The project is a film about Beijing, and through Beijing, a snapshot of the present moment: of the relation between China and the United States, fears and concerns, and where the future seems to be going. Of a moment where it feels like the order of the world is shifting under our feet, where things are growing and decaying, where things seem to be changing, but it's not exactly clear how, where there is some kind of crisis, one that we can only name pieces of, where everything we do only seems to make it worse, and it's not clear if anything can be done. The project is made from digital video images shot in Beijing in December 2005 to June 2006, spoken-voice stories about the city, and questions about larger world relations. The stories are told from the perspective of a person from the US living in China. She knows Beijing, and speaks Mandarin. Together, these images and words, English, Mandarin, and sounds of the city, form a rhythmic poem, 42 minutes long. In the tradition of Chinese poetry, the film speaks through concrete images and examples. It is dense, and covers many topics: I want the film to lead people to talk, think and ask questions about the world at this moment, and our roles in it.





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