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Sound as Signifier: Communication and Expression Through the Sound of Clothing

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:06 authored by Tala Kamea Berkes
Fashion, clothing, and dress have traditionally been evaluated on visual characteristics. This paper focuses on the aural qualities of clothing and on what is being communicated through sound. Semiotic theory, in particular denotation and connotation, discusses the ability of clothing to communicate through sound. Philosophical ideas of expression through music and sound emphasized the significance of feeling and experience in art and fashion. Five garments were designed as sound objects to explore this link between sound and clothing. The garments are featured in a video in which two musicians dance in the pieces. Musician Born Gold created an original film score from the recorded sounds of the pieces. These works attempted to direct the focus of fashion experience towards sound, without disregarding the cultural emphasis on visual aesthetics. The intention is to shift the way individuals relate to their clothing, to a fuller and more cognizant sensory experience.





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Ryerson University

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