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Sound, Shape, Space : The Ontology of Space in Architecture

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posted on 2021-05-24, 15:01 authored by Sean W. Robbins
This work embarks on a radically different understanding of space that sheds its preconceived physical attributes. Borne from a criticism of the imbalanced approach to architectural design, which focuses on ‘form’, the aim is to redeem ‘space’ as the inextricably linked partner of form in the design process. Herein, space is re-framed in an ontological manner as it relates to architecture, that is, as having to do with ‘being’. To accomplish this, sound becomes pivotal, constituting a catalyst in the reaction with form that brings ontological space to life within architecture. By using sound in reaction with form, the work will engage in the design of space in the ontological sense; as it relates to being, namely, that of human social practice. At its heart, this work is not really about sound or space, nor even architecture for that matter. It is about the way in which humans exist.





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Ryerson University

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