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Somali immigrant women in the Canadian labour market : barriers and consequences

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posted on 2021-05-23, 09:16 authored by Hani Leila Mohamed
Somali women are experiencing barriers within the Canadian labour market due to islamophobia, racism, and their gendered roles. Like other racialized immigrants, Somali women's position within the labour market is peripheral. In Canada, racialized women experience precarious work, underemployment, unemployment and a noticeable wage gap. To add to these obstacles Somali women face the responsibility for social reproduction and lack in social capital. Somali immigrants and refugees in Canada have not received enough support from the government with regards to integration. Additionally, the labour market challenges and marginalization they experience results in poverty and has serious health consequences. However, Somali women exhibit resiliency and possess survival mechanisms. Inclusivity within the labour market for Somali women requires multi-sector policies and programs that combat inequality based on race, religion and gender. Key Words: Somali women, labour market, racism, islamophobia, social reproduction, social capital, Integration





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