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Siemens’ Evolving Approach to Internalizing Organization-wide Compliance Learning in the Wake of its Corruption Scandal – Theoretical & Practical Insights Based on a Study of Siemens Canada (2007-2017)

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posted on 2023-11-03, 07:12 authored by Zaker KhanZaker Khan

This exploratory case study applies concepts from organizational learning literature, specifically organizational routines, to study the implementation, operation, governance and evolution of compliance practices at Siemens Canada between 2007 and 2017. These routines – which took the form of new institutional arrangements, rule instruments and processes – were implemented across Siemens' divisions and its numerous subsidiaries around the world after the company’s corruption scandal was exposed in late 2006. 

Siemens' compliance-oriented response to its scandal signified a major organizational learning effort to align the company with a growing international consensus against the use of bribery and other types of corrupt practices by public and private organizations. "Inside-out" studies that examine the complexities and nuances of organizational governance are rare, particularly in the case of a subsidiary of a large multinational corporation (MNC). Hence, based on a series of interviews with a diverse group of employees at Siemens Canada, this study aims to contribute both practical and theoretical insights to organizational learning literature. 





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