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Short-term rentals, long term consequences: regulation and enforcement of vacation rentals in small Canadian communities

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posted on 2022-02-02, 17:43 authored by Morgan Henderson
The use of short-term vacation rental services has grown significantly since their establishment, but little concrete information is known about their effects on communities. The research that exists on the impacts of short-term rentals is heavily skewed toward larger cities and metropolitan areas, leaving smaller cities and rural areas unexamined. However, rural areas in Canada are experiencing faster growth of short-term rentals than urban areas. This study examines the regulations and enforcement regimes of three case study local governments across Canada, using interviews with planning professionals to consider the regulatory responses put forward by these communities and their perceived effects on STVR operations. Findings suggest that appropriate regulatory measures vary widely between communities. Recommendations are for those considering implementing STVR regulations, addressing housing protection, data gathering, and regulation typology.

Key words: short-term rental, regulation, enforcement, planning, small cities.





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