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Shining a Light on Solar Energy in Ontario’s Planning Process : Lessons From International Best Practices in Solar Energy

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posted on 2023-01-10, 17:12 authored by Elisa Katrine Bernier
Solar energy is being heralded as a renewable, abundant and increasingly costeffective source of energy. The Ministry of Energy has made great strides promoting renewable energies such as solar power through the introduction of the Green Energy Act. The ‘elephant in the room' that remains to be addressed is the role of land use planning in enabling solar energy generation in urban Ontario. In light of provincial plan updates, the Province has a unique window to think about solar energy in urban planning and to help its municipalities become ‘solar ready’. The purpose of this paper is to identify transferable lessons from international best practices in order to derive key recommendations for the province. With provincial support, municipalities can develop plans and regulations that will maximize solar energy potential and ensure its long-term viability in their communities.



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