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Safety Evaluation of Freeway Speed-Change Lanes Based on Crashes and Simulated Conflicts

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:45 authored by Lei Qin
To facilitate the evaluation of the safety performance of freeway merge, diverge, and weave areas, conventional crash-based Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) were developed using generalized linear models (GLM) with a negative binomial (NB) error structure. However, crash-based SPFs may not take into account all factors that contribute to the crashes. The use of simulated conflicts as a surrogate safety measure to predict crashes can address this issue and provide recommendations for the designs and traffic control strategies. This approach was explored by using Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM) and VISSIM software to generate and analyze conflicts for merge areas on Ontario freeways. Crash-conflict integrated SPFs with different Time to Collision (TTC) thresholds were then developed and compared. Their predictive capabilities were also evaluated. To complement this analysis, the transferability of US crash prediction models to Ontario data was evaluated and the goodness-of-fit of these models was explored.





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