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Role of supplementary cementing materials on reducing damage due to internal sulphate attack in concrete

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:58 authored by Jimmy Xu
The effect of supplementary cementing materials (SCM) on internal sulphate attack in mortars was evaluated. Different types and levels of SCM were investigated where a mixture of hemihydrate and calcium carbonate fillers were used in the mixtures as a source of sulphate and carbonate, respectively. In addition, mixtures containing aggregates with high sulphate content were also examined to understand the role of sulphate from aggregate on the expansion. It has been found that the internal sulphate attack can be reduced through the use of SCM with high reactive alumina such as Metakaolin. It was hypothesised that the beneficial effect of Metakaolin lies in its ability to reduce ion mobility within the matrix, and perhaps raise the alumina/sulphur in the system favoring the formation of non-expansive monosulphoaluminate. However, at high levels of sulphate, none of the SCM provided successful protection against internal sulphate attack.





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