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Reviving Stories And Space Of The Past: Exploring New Opportunities In Mixed Media Storytelling

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:40 authored by Dawsyn Borland
This project presents the idea that historic house museums (HHMs) can use Augmented Reality (AR) and physical interactive space to bring stories and characters of the past back to life. Designed to foster self-directed discovery and informal learning of the space and story, this project uses a historically factual AR character to reanimate the sense of human presence within the space. Rather than disrupting the traditional narratives of HHMs, this mixed media storytelling experience extends historical stories by making them more personal and relatable. Using tangible stories, multisensory interactions, and an AR experience to extend the historical narrative, this form of museological work creates more opportunities for empathic character-driven storytelling. Lastly, I identify that this proof of concept could be used in multiple applications, as both a storytelling medium and a communication tool.





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Ryerson University

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