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Review Of Stormwater Management In Ontario And A Case Study On The Etobicoke Exfiltration System

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posted on 2021-05-22, 14:35 authored by Sabrina Ternier
Stormwater management has transformed throughout the decades with the purpose of maintaining the pre-development hydrological cycle to protect humans and the environment. Despite the progress, Ontario’s water bodies have continued to degrade. This research discusses and recommends three essential modifications to stormwater management to increase environmental and human protection. These include: 1) management based on the four seasons, 2) management based on regional conditions such as local climate and receiving water body characteristics, and 3) updating current stormwater management objectives to provide detailed direction. The Etobicoke Exfiltration System is used as a case study to demonstrate some aspects of the proposed stormwater management modifications and to show the benefits of addressing the five stormwater characteristics (volume, peak flow, quality, duration, frequency) throughout the year. Modelling its performance under 2 to 100 year Chicago storms and use of previous EES studies show the wide range of objectives it can achieve. Future stormwater designs should look to the EES as insight into how stormwater can be properly managed.





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