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Revenge of the grand narrative: the ethics of authorship as a metaphysics of meaning

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posted on 2021-05-22, 09:05 authored by Richard Rosenbaum
"The topic at hand - the ethics of authorship in narrative fiction - is an incredibly expansive and complex one. My decision to take advantage of the project option has been an excellent and enlightening method to deal with some of these issues, but also has its own limitations. For the first part of this project I have written a novella in which I introduce and dramatize the discourse by raising some of these questions in a metafictional way within the story itself. In the second part, I discuss these same issues from a theoretical perspective, as a meditation incorporating mainly Literary and Communications Theory and Philosophy. In the third and final part, I attempt to create a synthesis of the first two parts by combining narrative and theoretical elements with an explanation of some of the thoughts and ideas I, as author of the piece, was trying to get across to the reader through character, action, symbolism, etc."--From page 3.



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Ryerson University

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