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Regional Planning for Active and Sustainable School Travel: Challenges and Opportunities

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posted on 2023-05-23, 15:09 authored by Caitlyn Flanagan
Significant efforts have been made worldwide to enable active and sustainable school travel, however there has been a lack of sustainable program success within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). This research begins to untangle the intricacies of integrating school travel programs into professional practice. A qualitative investigation was conducted in five municipalities that have implemented active and sustainable school travel initiatives within the GTHA. Participants from various sectors, including land-use planning, public health, and school boards, were selected for interviews. Thematic analysis revealed seven challenges that stakeholders confront, including Parent Acceptance, Regional Governance, School Boards, Program Ownership, Data Collection, Elected Officials, and Multidisciplinary Stakeholders. This research identified the ways in which stakeholders have attempted to overcome challenges – offering insights into where additional resources, capacity-building, and improved planning procedures could be introduced. Identifying and resolving these challenges are pivotal to the success of future collaborative transportation planning in the GTHA.





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