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Reducing provincial GHG emissions through reductions in energy use and demand: the case of the restaurant industry in Toronto

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posted on 2023-04-13, 18:18 authored by Daniel D. C. Wren
In the absence of a national greenhouse gas reduction strategy, the provinces and territories of Canada have adopted legislated or policy-based reduction targets largely related to energy source, the adoption of carbon pricing models and by working with municipal governments. Municipalities have acknowledged their responsibility in emissions reduction by implementing a range of GHG reduction programs but they are limited by their area of influence and by financial constraints. The major focus of this thesis is a study to assess the contribution of the Toronto-based independent restaurant industry to municipal energy use based on an original survey; it was found that the restaurant industry contributes approximately 2.4% of Toronto’s GHG emissions and 0.3% nationally. While GHG emissions related to electricity use has decreased as greater energy efficiency is achieved, similar trends are not seen in GHG emissions related to natural gas use demonstrating the need for further research in this area.





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