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Redesigning a compressor inlet guide vane for 0 to 60 degree stagger angles

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posted on 2021-05-23, 15:56 authored by Stephanie Waters
This report's objective is to reduce the total pressure loss coefficient of an inlet guide vane (IGV) at high stagger angles and to therefore reduce the overall fuel consumption of an aircraft engine. IGVs are usually optimized for cruise where the stagger angle is approximately 0 degrees. To reduce losses, four different methodologies were tested: increasing the leading edge radius, increasing the camber, creating a "drooped nose", and creating an "S" curvature distribution. A baseline IGV was chosen and modified using these methodologies to create 10 new IGV designs. CFX was used to perform a CFD analysis on all 11 IGV designs at 5 stagger angles from 0 to 60 degrees. Typical missions were analyzed and it was discovered that the new designs decreased the fuel consumption of the engine. The IGV with the "S" curvature and thicker leading edge was the best and decreased the fuel consumption by 0.24%.





Master of Applied Science


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Ryerson University

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Hekmat Alighanbari