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Real-Time Optimization of Production Scheduling: Strategies, Models, and Algorithms

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posted on 2023-08-30, 15:30 authored by Mageed Ghaleb

In practice, manufacturing systems are highly dynamic and continuously facing unexpected events and interruptions. This puts production managers in charge of making frequent updates to the ongoing plans and schedules to cope with these changes. This is done by adopting different scheduling strategies and optimization models. Despite several attempts in the literature, the need for models that can minimize the effect of changes (i.e., stochastic and robust models) or react to them using real-time information (i.e., real- time optimization models) is still felt. 

This dissertation includes three main contributions with different optimization models and heuristic algorithms that can help managers deal with different unexpected events and interruptions on the shop floor. In the first contribution (Chapter 2), the case of stochastic deterioration-based failures in a single machine production system is considered. The machine’s degradation is modeled as a multi-state system. The obtained formulations are then integrated into an optimization model that jointly optimizes the production sequences, machine inspections, and condition-based maintenance actions. The results showed an average improvement of about 35% in total expected costs when information about the machine’s degradation level was used. 

In the second contribution (Chapter 3), the case of unexpected new job arrivals and random machine breakdowns in a flexible job shop production environment is considered. The effect of random machine breakdowns on the processing durations is formulated and then integrated into a dynamic optimization model. The proposed model investigates how real-time updates can be utilized to improve scheduling decisions based on unexpected arrivals, the availability of machines (downtimes and recovery times), and the completion times of operations. 

Finally, in Chapter 4, the case of integrating production scheduling and condition-based preventive maintenance (PM) planning in a flexible job shop production system is addressed. The study considers the case of stochastic machine degradation, random machine breakdowns, minimal repairs, condition-based PM, due date changes, and new job arrivals. The reliability of machines is modeled as a multi-state system, in which the obtained formulations are incorporated into an integrated dynamic optimization model. The developed model aims to study the effects of different RTS policies on each of the considered cases and empirically quantify the potential benefits of using real-time information to enhance scheduling decisions. 





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