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Re-imagine Pickering here: a vision for Pickering Nuclear Park

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:14 authored by Taylor Alicia Lena Marquis
In 2024, all commercial operations at the Pickering Nuclear Generation Station cease and the station will begin its decommissioning process. Ontario Power Generation is currently looking developing a repurposing strategy for the site throughout the decommissioning process, which is expected to be complete by 2064. This project presents a unique opportunity to re-imagine the future of this site, while setting a precedent for the reuse of nuclear sites and facilities once they have reached the end of their life cycle – an issue that will be more prevalent in the coming years. This project proposes a vision for the site to be transformed into parkland using ecological restoration practices, and establishing a Centre for Clean Energy Technology. Using design as a form of research, the project was informed by background research that included a review of existing literature on post-industrial site redevelopment, precedent studies, and site reconnaissance.





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Ryerson University

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