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Re-Queering the Already Queer for Homonationalist Citizenry? A Dialogical Encounter with my Other in the Final Hunger Games in a Settler Colony

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posted on 2024-02-12, 23:14 authored by Ranjith Kulatilake

Employing critical autoethnography, I meet my other to explore how I am implicated in the dispossession of Indigenous Peoples by my contradictory roles as a disruptor and facilitator of settler-colonialism through my activisms and frontline work with LGBTQ+ refugees. Their resettlement process is termed ‘re-queering’, of their already queer bodies, through state mechanisms. Re-queering projects them into the exploitative market as docile homonationalists. This process fortifies Canada as a ‘safe haven’ and legitimizes settler-colonialism. 

Based on my experiences of racism and homophobia and my work, I critique how capitalism puts us to work. All our actions – including queer rights movements based on identity politics – are transformed into ventures designed to maximize profit. Thus, situating themselves on the stolen land, settlers much connect with movements of Indigenous sovereignty. Explaining social work’s parasitical dependence on cis-heteropatriarchy and capitalism, I argue for abolitionist futurities that envisage a world beyond capitalism.





  • Master of Social Work


  • Social Work

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Ryerson University

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Dr. Funke Oba