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Quantifying fugitive dust emissions from limestone quarries : Data selection and uncertainty assessment

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posted on 2023-05-23, 14:35 authored by Aaron B. Weinstock
Accurate quantification of fugitive dust emissions from quarries helps maintain the integrity of the National Pollutant Release Inventory. Emissions from unpaved roads, material handling, and storage piles at three quarries were calculated using the AP-42 emissions factor method, and the error of using 30-year climate averages, the uncertainty introduced by typical material properties, and the limited availability of climate data were addressed. Using daily and hourly data predicted unpaved roads emissions between 38.95% and 43.50% higher, materials handling emissions 15.31% lower to 18.64% higher, and storage pile emissions 12.48% to 37.50% lower than calculations using 30-yer averages. Employing Monte Carlo simulation, the confidence intervals attributable to typical material properties ranged from 87.50% below to 650% above the mean. Krige-interpolated climate data showed potential for being more accurate that observations at the nearest station. Using site-specific, temporally-relevant data and assessing uncertainty promotes calculations that better match the goals of the inventory.





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