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Public landscape: the reinvention of Toronto's Union Station & central railway lands

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posted on 2021-05-24, 15:09 authored by Clayton Uilliam Hamish Payer
There is concern for Toronto's outdated, underutilized, and underdeveloped transit hubs and their subsequent lack of developed public spaces. One such hub is Toronto's Union Station, central portal of the GTA's mass transit system. This site was selected for a comprehensive analysis and critique of the station's physiology, the urban morphology of its immediate context, and its future needs. Research found that the station and its context are poorly organized requiring a redesign to unify the disjointed characteristics of the site. A design proposal formulates a continuous surface of public space over a redesigned train hall that stretches over the rail lands to bind, connect, and integrate an urban park in order to reorganize the area existing venues and to recognize the station's importance as the region's and city's central transit hub.





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Ryerson University

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