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Production Of Value-Added Products From Waste Derived Volatile Fatty Acids: A Review

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posted on 2021-06-08, 07:54 authored by Matthew Donald Hinnecke
Due to the exponential growth of the human population and declining environmental quality in the world, waste derived volatile fatty acids (VFAs) have been identified as a source for the production of value-added products. Throughout this paper, different technologies for the production of value-added products from VFAs, various high content VFA waste streams and value-added products from each process will be discussed. Additionally, an in-depth literature review will be conducted on 5 value added products from VFAs. Highlights of various experiments will be identified as well as common trends in experiments to date. Some considerations will also be given to particular strategies and methods which may enhance the production of a value-added product in the future. Even through the uncertainty it has been proven that waste derived VFAs are a major candidate in contributing to a more environmentally and sustainable society in the immediate future.





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