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Privacy-preserving public auditing with data deduplication in cloud computing

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:36 authored by Naelah Abdulrahman Alkhojandi
Storage represents one of the most commonly used cloud services. Data integrity and storage efficiency are two key requirements when storing users’ data. Public auditability, where users can employ a Third Part Auditor (TPA) to ensure data integrity, and efficient data deduplication which can be used to eliminate duplicate data and their corresponding authentication tags before sending the data to the cloud, offer possible solutions to address these requirements. In this thesis, we propose a privacy preserving public auditing scheme with data deduplication. We also present an extension of our proposed scheme that enables the TPA to perform multiple auditing tasks at the same time. Our analytical and experimental results show the efficiency of the batch auditing by reducing the number of pairing operations need for the auditing. Then, we extend our work to support user revocation where one of the users wants to leave the enterprise.





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Ryerson University

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