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Policy Wonk or Revolutionary?: the Potential of Policy Intervention in Efforts to Defend and Foster Public Interest Media

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posted on 2022-11-03, 19:47 authored by Juana Berinstein
"The research question driving this paper is: What opportunities and limitations exist within the policy process to defend and foster public interest media? The paper is divided into two major sections. Chapter One examines the theories of critical political economy and policy networks and argues that these two approaches offer useful analyses of power that reveal opportunities for progressive interventions. Chapter Two examines the CRTC's 1998 radio review, paying particular attention to the attempts of various actors, representing both economic and noneconomic interests, to influence the CRTC's policy on radio ownership. Using critical political economy and policy networks theory, a detailed and contextualized picture of how power is exercised in the policy process is provided. In conclusion, it is argued that institutionally based policy intervention is an important tool for the left, but not adequate in and of itself, in efforts to defend and foster a rich and diverse public interest media"--From the Introduction page 4.





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