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Planetarium: Visualized Goal Tracker in Your Pocket

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posted on 2023-05-25, 14:12 authored by Roozbeh Moayyedian

With the vast number of distractions that exist in our lives today, it is very hard to stay focused on our goals and accomplish our tasks. Smartphone apps have the potential to be very constructive, but unfortunately sometimes have a destructive effect on our lives. Smartphone- based goal and activity tracker applications can provide users with data to support self-reflection, allowing the user to be more aware of their behaviors, and how those behaviors map to explicit goals and values around attention, focus, etc. The use of Gamification and data visualization is becoming more and more popular in lifestyle and social applications, and it is proven to be useful in increasing the users’ productivity.
There are many goal setting apps available on different platforms at the moment, other than a few, they mostly lack engagement with the users and, in other words, they do not provide any sort of tangible reward for the accomplishment of tasks.
Planetarium is a project that brings gamification to users’ short term and long term goals as well as the opportunity to reflect on personal well being and productivity.
This major research project explores ways to bring productivity to the user’s day to day lives through gamification and visual representation of the users’ goals and daily behavior. 





  • Master of Digital Media


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Ryerson University

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  • MRP

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Dr. Richard Lachman