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Performance Prediction Analysis for Aero-Naut CAM Folding Propellers and its Application into CREATeV Solar Aircraft

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posted on 2021-05-21, 09:04 authored by Hyunwoo Kim

This paper investigates the performance prediction method for Aero-Naut CAM folding propellers through parametric studies of existing wind tunnel testing data. The application of the propeller into CREATeV ultra-long-endurance unmanned solar aircraft necessitated the availability of accurate performance estimates for its propeller-motor configurations. Performance coefficient prediction method based on scaling relationship of propeller geometry is discussed along with motor efficient prediction method and iterative propeller-motor performance optimization. Several important observations regarding performance scaling effect of Aero-Naut folding propellers and its impact on performance optimization are discussed. The resulting optimized propeller selections are proposed which would enhance mission capability of CREATeV. Finally, future work considerations and concluding remarks of the analysis is presented.



Ryerson University




Aerospace Engineering