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Pavement Evaluation Strategies and Ways to Improve the Performance of Asphalt Overlays

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posted on 2021-06-08, 09:29 authored by Sohail Afzal
Highway rehabilitation is a blooming industry in the world and in particular North America. Highway agencies over the years have experienced problems in addressing pavement deteriorations, troubles with underlying pavement materials and management and evaluation of the existing pavements. This study has two objectives. The first objective is to discuss the types of distresses in both flexible and rigid pavements, pavement evaluation methods and equipment in use, pavement condition rating system, process of field investigation, life cycle cost analysis, and pavement selection strategies. A case study of Highway 401 eastbound collector lanes (from Avenue Road to Highway 404) was carried out to demonstrate the process of pavement evaluation and design. The second objective is to undergo an experimental program to evaluate the potential use of shingle waste into Superpave 19.0 and 12.5 asphalt mixes. The evaluation of volumetric properties of the mixes was performed. The trials demonstrated that volumetric properties of the mixes can be achieved at a lower asphalt content. Performance of mixes containing shingles was evaluated through various Highway agencies proved that incorporation of shingles enhances the performance of HMA mixes by improving durability, and increasing rutting resistance, while achieving comparable fatigue resistance.





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Ryerson University

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Medhat H. Shehata