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Parenting fashion: an exploration of infant children's wardrobe

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:38 authored by Cecilia Martins Gomes
This research examined factors that influence parents while building their infant children’s wardrobe. The inquiry centred on a wardrobe study divided into four stages: (a) an interview, (b) inventory documentation, (c) fieldwork, and (d) photographs. Parents build their children’s wardrobe by making clothing selection decisions based on concepts of comfort and design. Gen- der representation, acquisition habits, and sustainability are other factors that influence clothing choices. Findings revealed problems in fit, sizing, and materials (mostly with pants, socks, mit- tens, fabrics, garment construction) as well as the incongruence between the child’s anatomy and the clothing silhouette. Parents need practical, functional clothing that provides ease in donning and doffing. The colour pink was controversial, as were design details. Cost and convenience of shopping are key factors in parents’ choice of retailers. Sustainability related to care, purchasing less, and hand-me-downs are the most preferred acquisition methods.





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Ryerson University

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