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Parametric Design and Its Future Progression: How Parametric Housing Technology is the Future of Development

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posted on 2024-06-17, 22:32 authored by Javad Riahifard

The following research paper concentrates on the field of parametric housing technology and its ever-evolving progression. It establishes a point of origin, its history, and evolution, whilst demonstrating the different applications it can be associated with. Also, it will exhibit the connection it holds with datadriven technology along with artificial intelligence. The purpose of the topic at hand is to better understand how parametric housing technology can be considered the next stepping-stone in the world of construction and the urban development industry. With the use of different research articles and studies, the following paper will aim to establish the exact origin and history of parametric housing technology and its evolution. These articles and studies were obtained through the open-source web, libraries, academic and professional institutions, and statistical data from government websites. The use of data mapping throughout the paper allows for the establishment of different themes which highlight links between parametric housing technology and datadriven artificial intelligence, core principles of parametricisim along with its further evolution with respect to the construction industry and the relationship it holds with the architectural world of design. Parametric housing technology is a revolutionary movement that has been created and introduced to the architectural and construction industry through the force of necessity. Currently, the process which bounds the two worlds of construction and architecture is one where challenges are faced in terms of efficiency and productivity. This is mainly due to the absence of knowledge and communication between the two different industries which are both significant and crucial when it comes to any type of development. The way in which parametric housing technology solves this problem is through its accuracy and direct output which is easily translated and communicated into structural engineering blueprints. This ultimately allows architects and designers to produce ideas that are easily legible by developers and engineers as parametric housing technology permits design to be created through the scope of real-life scenarios set by variables and parameters of the surrounding site context.





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