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Panopticon’s Relationship with South Asian Women within a Eurocentric Society

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posted on 2021-05-22, 17:12 authored by Zonaira Sajjad Chaudhry
This qualitative research utilizes hermeneutic phenomenology to study the experiences of South Asian women and panopticon. The theoretical framework comprises a multitude of theories, each encompassed under the umbrella of anti-oppressive practise (AOP). Through three semi-structured interviews themes of Eurocentrism/South Asia, spectrum, causes, perpetrator, marriage, consequences, and conformity emerge. These findings indicate that the phenomenon of surveillance lives in multiple complexities interlacing itself with power, control, resistance, gender, patriarchy, and autonomy. It is through these narratives and research that the phenomenon of panopticon and its impacts on South Asian women is brought to life and unpacked.





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