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Optimization of Image Quality in Paediatric Computed Tomography

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:26 authored by Angjelina Protik
In this study the effects of ASIR™ and collimation on CT image quality (IQ) parameters were quantified. Catphan®600 phantom studies were performed on a GE HD750 64-slice scanner to investigate the impact of collimation 0.625mm vs. 5mm on the overall IQ. For noise and dose reduction ASIR™ was tested on 0.625mm collimation. The varying %ASIR™, scanned at 150mA and variable kVp and 50% ASIR™ compared to FBP on wide kVp/mA range was used. Image noise, CT# accuracy and uniformity, spatial and contrast resolution, MTF, CNR and Wiener spectrum analysis were performed on 0.625mmAX slices, 5mmAXMPR and 2mmCORMPR. Incremental advantages and disadvantages were seen with stepwise increase in %ASIR™. The 50% ASIR™ was found to be optimal blend for diagnostic quality and has potential for dose reduction in paediatric CT. This quantitative data could be used to design ASIR™-enhanced protocols with consideration of diagnostic task, balancing image quality and radiation dose.





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Ryerson University

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Nancy Ford