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Ontario Safe Schools Act And Its Effects On Racialized Immigrant Youth: 'School To Prison Pipelone'

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posted on 2021-05-22, 10:46 authored by Sofiya Kovalenko
It is recognized that racialized youth are significantly over-represented in the Canadian Criminal Justice System relative to their population percentages. Research also determined that similar disproportion exists with respect to school discipline. Similar to US research, a number of Canadian studies found that racialized youth are being disproportionately affected by zero-tolerance school disciplinary policies, such as the Ontario Safe Schools Act. Such research also hypothesized about a "school-to-prison pipeline" for minority youth. This MRP explores the link between immigration, policing, and school disciplinary policies in Ontario, Canada. In particular, the MRP investigates the racialization of school disciplinary procedures that largely affect immigrant youth, and the criminalization of certain behaviors that may lead visible minority youth, including immigrant youth, to having disproportionate police contact. The findings suggest that there is a relation between racial disproportion of school suspensions and expulsions and the racial disproportion in the likelihood of youth- police contact.





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Immigration and Settlement Studies

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Ryerson University

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