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On the Fatigue and Fracture of Bladed and Integrally Bladed Rotors of Aircraft Engine Compressors

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posted on 2021-05-22, 13:08 authored by Dikran Mangardich
The fatigue and fracture for bladed and integrally bladed rotors (IBR) of aircraft engine compressors has been studied. For IBRs, a new distinct finite element technique was developed to model crack propagation under combined low cycle and high cycle fatigue loading. The crack trajectory, aspect ratio, and shape resulting from the method agreed very well with airfoils which fractured in service. The technique can be extended on other compressor disk applications. For bladed rotors limited by fretting fatigue, a unique fracture mechanics based methodology was developed for obtaining an evolved coefficient of friction (COF) resulting from fretting motion between the fan blade and hub. The predicted nucleation location, nucleation life, crack trajectory, shape and propagation life agreed well with the fractured components. The study confirms that the fretting-specific modified Smith-Watson-Topper (SWT) parameter more accurately predicts the nucleation location and life of the crack compared to the plain fatigue SWT parameter.





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Ryerson University

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