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On the Evolvability of a Hybrid Ant Colony-Cartesian Genetic Programming Methodology

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posted on 2021-05-22, 11:30 authored by Sweeney Luis
In this thesis, we design a method that uses Ant Colonies as a Model-based Search to Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP) to induce computer programs. Candidate problem solutions are encoded using a CGP representation. Ants generate problem solutions guided by pheromone traces of entities and nodes of the CGP representation. The pheromone values are updated based on the paths followed by the best ants, as suggested in the Rank-Based Ant System (ASrank). To assess the evolvability of the system we applied a modified version of the method introduced in [1] to measure rate of evolution which considers variability and neutrality as the major influences in the evolution of a system. Our results show that such method effectively reveals how evolution proceeds under different parameter settings and different environmental scenarios. The proposed hybrid architecture shows high evolvability in a dynamic environment by maintaining a pheromone model that elicits high genotype diversity.





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Ryerson University

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