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On The Corporeality Of Atmosphere

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posted on 2021-05-22, 11:06 authored by Jessica Dawn Walker
Space is a constant inhabited medium which is inseparable from its role as a lived human environment. Both defined and undefined by concrete matter, it possesses an innate ability to envelop the body in deep spatial experiences. These experiences can be intense, even poetic. This naturally felt presence is a profound relationship between body and surrounding; the vehicle for this experience is atmosphere. Atmosphere is the mode of providing experiential space within architecture, feeding one’s presence in their world; without consideration for atmospheric conditions renounces built form void of these experiences. By conceiving architecture through the embodied experience of atmospheres, space can intrinsically permit the body to experience its surrounding. This work is a continuous exploration of designing architecture through its atmosphere; as such, a focus will be redirected back to a bodily experience by activating the innate relationship between atmosphere and the body.





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