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Of resilence and empowerment : a single case study exploring the mental health of a Jewish woman who immigrated to Canada as an independent applicant

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posted on 2021-05-23, 15:09 authored by Melissa Feldman
This was a single case study, which explored the mental health issues affecting a Jewish woman who immigrated to Canada as a principal applicant. The study looked at the coping strategies “Cecile,” a 69-year-old participant who emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1986, used during her integration vs. settlement process. There were three semi-structured interviews. The theory of intersectionality was used to examine the intersecting impact of social identities such as racialized status, ethnicity, gender and class have on the participant’s mental health. Cecile provided insight into the resilience of Jewish immigrant women. The social identities Cecile identified with were Judaism, professional status, citizenship, country of origin and immigrant status. The results also show that Cecile displayed resilience in overcoming obstacles. Further research is needed to understand whether other women who have immigrated as independent applicants, Jewish or not, share this resilience. Key Words: Case Study, Mental Health, Resilience, Intersectionality, Coping Strategies





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