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Numerical simulation of a fuel nozzle's spray

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:39 authored by Ashley Ann Marie Fergusson
The aim of this thesis is to examine the boundary conditions that must be input into the computational fluid dynamic software, FLUENT in order to model spray. This can then be used to advance the current computational fluid dynamic models used to model an engine's combustor. This will save the industry time and money, in the design development stages. The parameters that were studied in this thesis included, changing the angle the spray is injected at and the Rosin-Rammler parameters: number of droplet diameters contained within the spray and the droplet diameters spread, determining the uniformity of the spread. The results found that it was possible to predict the Rosin-Rammler plot with a minor change of the Rosin-Rammler parameter, spread, q. It was also found that the initial assessments of the spray parameters provide reasonable trends in the axial and radial velocities.





  • Master of Applied Science


  • Aerospace Engineering

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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis

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John Hu