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Niqab –as a Symbol of Resistance: Muslim Women’s Experiences With the Face Veil

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posted on 2021-05-22, 12:39 authored by Sadia Jamal
Niqab, the practice of veiling the face, is adopted by a small percentage of Muslim women in Canada, yet it is the most controversial piece of clothing. Such a practice is stereotypically seen as ‘backwards’, unwarranted, and forced. Some will even go as far as declaring the religious practice as “un-Canadian”– demanding a public ban. But for Muslim women, the Niqab means so much more and it can be defined in many ways. This MRP is a narrative analysis of three Niqabi experiences of this Islamic practice. With Islam as the worldview or lens for this research, these three stories serve as ‘counter narratives’, showing Niqab as a symbol of resistance, power and choice. They also serve as education for those seeking to better support and understand Niqab. In the words of one scholar thinking about this moment during COVID-19, of veiling the face, it might be that “We are all Niqabis now.” Key Words: Niqab, face veil, face-veil, Burqa, Hijab, Muslim, Muslim women, Islam, resiliency, resilient, niqab ban, burqa ban, COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, Islamophobia, 9/11





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